Monday, December 04, 2006

Crazy is as Crazy Does

Whenever there is a impending change in my surroundings or my position in life, I tend to lose it a little. It could be just going back to school after summer break (that only warrants a few nights on my parents' floor and an irritable streak). Or...

It seems that the bigger the change, the sooner I begin to freak out. My semester abroad is a little under two months away, but I'm beginning to mess up my dorm room now so that packing to leave college for six months will be much harder. When I got some playful ribbing from my roommate and a friend about it, I burst into tears and spent the next ten minutes sobbing in the bathroom. I can only imagine the hippy hippy shakes I'll have mid-January.

The worst part is not the neurotic techniques that I use as compensation; it's the fact that I know everything will work out well. There's nothing I can't handle when I get right down to it. But try and tell me that now and I'll rip your hair out by its roots and hand it to you.

Who knows, maybe getting arrested for assault will make it harder to leave.


PS. 100th post. It's about damn time.


  1. Hey Kate, changes do the same thing to me so I understand! Also congrats on reaching 100 posts i figured it was about time I added you to my blogroll so I did! Feel like adding me to yours?

  2. Yay 100th Post! Well done.
    P.S. tikkunger I've had Kate blogrolled for over 4 months and I'm still waiting!
    regards Bagelblogger
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    Is that being Cheeky?

  3. Tikkunger-- Hey, sure thing! It takes me a while to catch up to things, especially these days.

    Aaron-- What? I don't have you on my list? That's an oversight!

    Will correct!


  4. Thanks Kate.

    Shalom Aaron

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