Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Fresh Excuse

It's become a habit for me sit in front of this computer and watch the cursor blink in this very text box. Do I write? Nope. Can I even think of anything to write? Nuh-uh.

What the hell happened?

Now, I know I've never been a model of constancy. This blog starts and stops like an old jalopy with a squirrel caught in the axle. But, at the very least, I can think of something to slop down on this thing. Not these days. In fact, I think my brain might be slowly melting out of my ears while I sleep.

I can think of many reasons. I'm not eating well. I'm not getting enough sleep. I'm too stressed. My period key is broken and I have to use the decimal point key finish a sentence.

All of these are true, but I can't lay the blame totally on these factors. In reality, I'm not getting the intellectual stimulation I need in my life. My brain is muddy, my words aren't falling into place, and I'm sloppysloppysloppy. So, it's time to take a little control.

Pajiba, a movie (and, in more recent history, TV/book) review blog, is beginning its second year of the Cannonball Read, the history of which is a little too complicated for me to relate here. [Laziness ahoy! Cannonball Read history!] As a long term lurker, I followed last year's marathon with interest and sadly wished that I had the foresight to jump on the bandwagon at the beginning. But now-- my second chance is nigh!

So, 52 books, 52 reviews, 52 deep English major thoughts, and maybe 52 chances to get my brain back. And all for a good cause.

Good luck to me.

Read all the rules and join the Facebook group here! (And I'm not even getting any kickbacks!)


(Who has posted on Pajiba as "pereka" all of twice.)

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