Friday, March 24, 2006

The Inaugural Post

Why is it so hard to think of what to say in the first post. I can only pray that this does not become a trend.

I think it would be amazingly professional of me to create a mission statement for this blog, but the words just aren't coming. How can I state my intentions when I am not even sure of my ultimate reason for even creating an account. "Isn't this just a tremendous waste of time?" I mutter to myself as I scroll through various menus in the blog set-up that might as well have been Cantonese for all I understood of it.

A waste of time? Could be. I'm no Web Mavan; my experience barely goes beyond being Web-Acquainted. I'm a proficient typist, but when it come to fooling with templates and such-- nuh-uh. And besides an extremely boring template, what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said in a thousand different languages by a million different people? I'm not the most intelligent, the most enlightened, the most well-traveled or well-read. I can't make people sit back and marvel at my prose and grammar. I'm like the Ford Taurus: average, average, average.

But I have ideas, thoughts itching to be put into something. And why not a blog? Can't I, a girl who has full use of her facilities and all of her fingers, figure out what's so great about this blogging phenomenon? For all of our sakes, I certainly hope so.


1 comment:

  1. welcome to the jblogosphere!

    So has anyone ever asked you, what you're going to do with a lit degree?

    keep posting its fun!