Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A List of Today's Observations

I can't wait until March 4, 2056.

All I want to do is write 3/4/56. Of course, if I'm in some other part of the world, I'll have to wait until April.

My professor smells like old books.

It's only today that I've identified the smell. I want to follow her around all day and just sniff her hair.

There are three police cruisers sitting outside of my house, lights flashing.

It looks like an Israeli security check point out there, all for a little fender bender.

Kind of a lame post, but it's March and I need to make some damn lists.



  1. What is the deal with the lists??
    I love the smell of old books, I wish they could bottle it as a cologne

  2. Remember the NaBloPoMo thing and how they are doing monthly stuff now? March is dedicated to lists. I'm giving it a try.

    Me too. :)