Friday, May 09, 2008

Scattered Thoughts: Stressful Times

-- Going to China on Monday. And holy crap, I am not ready.

-- "Graduation" today. Okay, so I don't technically graduate until August, but I do walk across that stage today, wearing tons of bling.

-- I'm worried about my grades. I didn't do so well this semester. :(

-- Stepped on my glasses yesterday. Feeling pretty shitty about that.

-- One bright stop-- that interview in New York went really well. I hesitate to mention what the exact company is for legal and jinx-ing reasons, but it's terribly exciting.

Boo-urns. Have a great few weeks, everybody!



  1. I hope you bring back pictures from China to share with all of us who are not lucky enough to go!!

    Also, best of luck on your interview stuff... graduation is so exciting, no? :)

  2. Sounds hectic!

    Good luck with everything and travel safe!