Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Foody Philistine

In my lonely nighttime wanderings (it's still daytime for me, you know), I've been desperately looking for something to do. At 2 AM, I was watching a Home Improvement marathon. At 5 AM, I was eating a whole box of pizza. At 7 AM, I locked myself out of the house for 45 minutes with no bra or shoes. I've done nothing constructive.

I've finally found another book to read, though, conveniently stolen from my mother's Floor Library of Books Rarely Read. It's called The United States of Arugula (I think that's a veggie) and is one of those amusingly educational tomes about how our food culture has changed in America. I've perused the first few pages and have already developed some thoughts.

I'm a regular watcher of the Food Channel, if only to see Alton Brown and Marc Summers (we go way back). I also love those Food Network Challenges were masters in their field rush against the clock to create some wonderful culinary confections. Oooh, and Ace of Cakes. I love Ace of Cakes. Call me a nerd, but I adore the Food Channel.

Still, for all the time spent in front of the television, I'm still not a gourmet. Give me the simple. Don't make my grilled cheese with artisanal bread and brie. I don't want Kobe beef. And, dear Lord, don't put truffles in anything. I'm a simple girl with simple tastes.

Not that I won't try things. I've had my fair share of haggis, I've tried the 1,000 Year Old Egg (gak!), and I'm willing to give a shot to a local speciality even if it's not at all kosher. I'll eat the food for the experience, but I probably won't make it part of my daily diet.

So I'm a foody philistine. Eager to learn, but restrained when it comes to actually eating it.



  1. Anonymous2:16 AM

    I try and cook food that I've seen on television programs sometimes, but often you have to search everywhere just to get the right ingredients - and then it's just not worth it anymore. I do pick up some new ideas about cooking, not necessarily whole dishes, but just ways to prepare something for instance.

    By the way, you're a literature student too? What's your specialisation? I'm writing my thesis about the Beat Generation (American lit).


  2. I guess when I watch Food Network, I'm more interested in how the food looks. If it's prepare in an interesting and colorful fashion, then I think it's awesome-- whether whether I can or will eat it or not.

    As for literature, I'm a fan of British literature, particularly Victorian. I'm branching out as I learn more, though.