Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dreaming of Elysian Fields

I had a dream last night where I was in a cemetery.

The sky was blue, the kind of blue that you only see touched up in photos. Tombstones dotted the rolling hills, stretching far out into the distance. The stones, I seem to remember, were engraved with Hebrew, so it was clearly a Jewish cemetery. The strangest thing, besides the sheer size of the complex, was my lack of fear or trepidation. Grave yards are not, have never been, my thing.

I was standing with my family among the tombstones, apparently waiting for something. Suddenly, I saw movement in the hills. People were standing by each stone, looking around and squinting in the sun. Around me, men and women began to emerge from the graves.

Aghast, I grabbed my father, begged him for an explanation. He smiled at me and said that once a year the dead climbed out of their tomb to stand in the sun and see their families. At the end of the day, they would re-inter themselves, not to emerge for another year.

For some reason, I accepted this, no matter how strange it was. I guess it helped that the corpses I saw were fully formed with a glint of life in still-intact eyeballs. Live families were reunited with the deceased, hugs shared all around.

I met my Bubbe for the first time.

(I'm crying as I write this.)

She died from cancer before I was born. She always wanted grandchildren, but I came far too late. I've been told that I'm a lot like her in personality and habit. Before the day ended, I had met her and was reunited with my Granddad, who passed when I was four. As the sun set, the dead climbed back into their graves.

What does this dream mean? I suppose if I were more spiritual, I would have many interesting suggestion, whereas in my unenlightened state, I have none. All I know is that when I woke up, I was smiling.

I apologize for the horrendous writing in this post, but I had to get it out.


PS. Bonus points for those who know what the Elysian Fields were.


  1. An aptly named post!

    Sounds like a peaceful dream. My own family has a very pragmnatic interpretation of symbolism when you dream of your passed relatives - it supposed to mean a change in the weather. Honestly, I don't see the connection at all.

    I just think it's a really good dream.

  2. Are the Elysian Fields where the Simpson characters play baseball?

    I heard Homer had a fondness for them, so I figured it must be where Monty Burns had the ring in Baseball team play in Springfield.

    Or maybe its where 'Dancing Homer' made his moves as a Baseball team mascot?

    Surely you couldn't mean the New Jersey woods that became a baseball field called 'The Elysian Fields' which was home to the New York Knicker Bockers?

    Or did you mean a more metaphorical meaning like the Hills of Jerusalem? or a Christo Judean interpretation?

    Or should I get out my toga.

    Or explore a dusty section of a library and between the dankness and dustiness break out Dante, Homer or perhaps a text on Greek Mythology?

    Or simply catch a plane to Paris and wander thru the Arc de Triomphe?

    Or revisit my own dream where each tombstone was a World Trade centre?

    What did you mean by:
    PS. Bonus points for those who know what the Elysian Fields were.

    Did you mean a more personal interpretation of your dream?

    As where were your 'Elysian Fields'?


  3. Hi Kate I replied to this posting with the world's longest reply. Please tell me you got it?

    The Elysian Fields are a 'paradise' that the soul goes to. From Greek Mythology. It features in Homers writings and also in Dante's as well as hundreds of other texts.
    It is also where Baseball was 'born' in a field in the 18 50's in New Jersey where the Knicker Boxes played.
    It is also referenced by the Champ de Elysees in Paris.

    I suppose each person would have their own form of 'Elysian Fields' it seems you were fortunate to actually visit yours.

    Kind regards Aaron