Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gettin' Me a Shrimp n' Banana Cocktail!

I was looking through my Scotland pictures today to see if I could find an appropriate desktop background (I was feeling particularly nostalgic), when I came upon this:

Yes, it's a bag of candy shrimp and bananas. What the hell, Scotland? Seriously, this is something I would expect to find in downtown Tokyo, not two blocks away from the University of Edinburgh! And what sort of candy genius decided that shrimp and bananas are a match made in heaven? He/she needs to be sacked.

The scariest thing: we know what the banana shapes are going to taste like, but what about the shrimp??

I'll leave you to ponder that for a while.


  1. HAHA seriously would've never guessed that about Scotland. Maybe you should try them and tell us aaallllll about it.

  2. Yuck!

    I googled it and evidently the shrimps taste like strawberry, but none of the sites explain why they're shrimp and not strawberries if that's the case.

    I don't find that knowledge to be any more comforting though.