Saturday, June 07, 2008

Scattered Thoughts: Umm...

  • Going to Israel tomorrow. Not packed and just irritated my parents, who I will be traveling with for ten days. And this is why I travel alone.

  • I drove to WC again today and saw my turtle along the side of the road. He seems to be two-dimensional now, which is sad.

  • Oh hey, so you know how I was, like, the last person alive who hadn't seen Ironman? Well, finally saw it and wow! May I be first in line to welcome the Robert Downey Jr revolution?

  • People seemed bent on getting themselves killed while I was driving home today. One Amish man, one Mennonite woman, and two idiots decided that it would be a good idea to wander near the road without any reflective gear whatsoever. I'm sure that it wasn't a coordinated effort because they were miles and a river apart, but hey. Stop it.

  • This was a useless entry and I'm not even sure why I wrote it.



  1. I havent seen Ironman yet, Im hoping to rent it when it comes out on dvd.

    Have fun in Israel!

  2. Jen: It's a great movie-- worth seeing in theaters, if you have the chance. And thanks!


  3. I haven't seen Ironman yet either... not really interested I guess. I still need to see Indy and Sex and the City first :D

    Have fun travelling!!