Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh hey, Alain Bernard...

Gonna smash the Americans, are we? I'm going to put this as eloquently as I can: suck it.

Also, Michael Phelps should be kissing Jason Lezak's 32-year old feet. Seriously.


PS. I love the Olympics!


  1. Just Clarifying5:59 AM

    Hi Kate, I feel that I need to respond to this because there is a lot of hate out there for the French, based on something INACCURATE that was reported. One journalist reported that A. Bernard said "I'm the favorite and we're going to smash the Americans" and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. However, the journalist somehow can't come up with the source for this quote, now. He said he heard it "from someone" and doesn't remember who. Sports Illustrated has qualified the bashing of a possible urban legend. Unfortunately, it is too late and everyone is convinced that the trash-talking actually happened. I've watched the actual interview and all A. Bernard said was "I think I am the favorite for the 100m race" (which he won), and later, when asked about the American team, he said "mentally, I think the French team is stronger than them". That does not qualify as bashing in my book. American athletes say similar things all the time. I think A. Bernard was very gracious in his defeat, clapping for the Americans at the medal ceremony. Just my 2 cents!

  2. Just Clarifying, thanks for your take on things! When this post was written, I basically had all of my news from NBC and was, frankly, still insanely hopped up on that crazy race. So chalk that one up more to adrenaline than general Franco-hatred.

    I rarely go back and edit my posts when I get new information, leaving them to stand instead for my impressions at the time, whether justified or not. In fact, if I were to think of it now, I would actually thank A. Bernard for his supposed taunting because I'm pretty sure it acted as impetus for the US win. But that's just conjecture...

    What I really want to say here is thank you for responding to this post in a well-reasoned manner. Some people might have taken me outside to be beaten. ;)


  3. Just Clarifying4:21 AM

    Kate, I want to thank you in turn for the nice reply. I didn't expect any reply at all, let alone a nice one!
    I know a lot of Americans have reacted quite negatively towards the French but I also know that they did so based on the information that was given to them by the US media. I am a French citizen and an American resident, so I was sad about the whole situation!
    Yesterday I read an actual newspaper article that was especially harsh towards A. Bernard, so I decided I wanted to clarify things at least for one person... and I chose your blog very randomly after doing a search on A. Bernard. I am glad that I landed on someone who seems genuinely nice and reasonable! Thank you!

  4. Anonymous7:26 AM

    The reporter of this news article seems to be French.