Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And Another Thing...

Was it just yesterday that I was talking about people getting bad impressions about a group of people due to the actions of a single member? The thread of conversation continues...

First, read this link: Chantilly couple to file complaint against police after arrest, robbery.

Now, I must add information to this. What the article did not convey is how badly this officer treated these two kids. She would not allow other cops to help the stranded couple and hurled f-bombs (sorry, kids, family-friendly site) whenever the two asked for help.

How do I know this? The poor young lady in the article has been a family friend even before she was born (our mothers met in birthing class). With two cops for parents, she is as eager as anyone in any police department around the country to portray the men and women in blue in a favorable light. I highly doubt that she was lying about the matter.

As a daughter of a retired officer, I am appalled at the manner my friend was treated. The police are not just there to bust crime rings and direct traffic; they are there to help the civilian. To treat someone, anyone, who needs assistance in that manner is disgusting.




  1. Hard to follow, and understand this behaviour.

    I'm a firm believer in understanding motives.

    I just can't see the motive for the way this officer reacted?

    Could it be, that we generally don't hear the complaints after events like this?

    ...and its not to reassuring to find out that the impounded car was ransacked whilst in the custody of the Baltimore Police.

    But the worst part was whilst reading the article from the Examiner.com

    an ad appears on the margin under the heading.:

    Ads by Google

    Stolen Vehicle
    Stolen Vehicle on
    eBay Register For
    Free, Great Prices!

    Maybe Baltimore Police and Ebay have a Business arrangement??

    regards Aaron

  2. I agree with you. Any number of things could have caused such an outburst on the officer's part. But her actions cannot be excused lightly. Once you put on the blue, your personal/professional life doesn't matter.

    I didn't even notice that ad! Good eyes!

    Thanks for commenting, by the way!