Saturday, May 13, 2006

Decisions Alabama Needs to Make

Oh dear.

Alabama Candidate's Views Startle Democrats

Let me quote the first line of this article:

"BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Democratic Party leaders are wondering what to do about a candidate for attorney general who denies the Holocaust occurred and wants to "reawaken white racial awareness." "

Say what?

The article goes on to say that, currently, this man has managed to receive 12% support in the coming into the June 6th primary. His opponent has 21% support, but two-thirds of the respondents to the pole were undecided.

Undecided?! Undecided?!

Undecided about a man who denies the Holocaust? Undecided about a man who advocates white supremacy?

Oh, Alabama voters. You had better get real "decided" real quick.


PS. Update: My preggers pepper, it turns out, actually had triplets. Mazel tov!

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