Monday, May 08, 2006

The Finals Week Review

It would be exceptionally irresponsible of me to write a full-blown entry this early in finals week. I was subjected to three of the suckers today and am scheduled for two more tomorrow. Thankfully, that will be the end of my sophomore year at good ol' West Chester U. Until then, only small tidbits about life in general.


Spent last night writing a six-page paper detailing the way Philip Roth skillfully manipulates his audience via writing style, little-known facts, point-of-view, etc. I focused mainly on The Ghost Writer and The Plot Against America. I respect Roth's insane imagination (Transforming America into a dystopia by electing Charles Lindbergh president? Resurrecting Anne Frank? Whew.) But Mr. Roth, sir, why can't you end your novels? You randomly peter off at the end, leaving me wondering if you simply got bored of writing. C'mon, sir, do you really expect me to believe that after the anti-Semitic explosion in The Plot Against America, everything goes back to text book American history? No repercussions? Nothing?

Although, I should criticize my betters when I'm guilty of the same sin. Makes me feel better about myself, though.


At the beginning of the semester, I spent about $100 on two of my textbooks. I sold them back today for $57. It seems that books depreciate in value as soon they touch dirty, dirty college student hands.

Let's not even talk about not being able to sell my novels back.


The professors seem even more eager than the students to get out of here. Instead of forcing us to take real finals, they are throwing out quizzes that clearly took them fifteen minutes to create.

That's okay; it only took me 10 minutes to complete.

Not that I'm complaining.


Someone got yelled at today for studying in the library coffee shop. What is the world coming to when you get chastised for-- G-d forbid-- studying in a part of the library? On finals week! Geez.


Hopefully, there will be a well-written tribute to the most important woman in my life tomorrow.

(Think about it: who is the most important woman in any Jew's life? You got it!)


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