Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boys, Boys, Boys

When I watch television at night, I watch the Discovery Channel.

When I watch television in the morning, I watch the Maury Show.

I suppose this channel dichotomy is because I just have more synapses firing when the sun goes down. It's when I write all my best papers, my favorite blog posts (this is being written at 11AM, so it's not looking good for this one), and most creative ideas. I'm lucky to put two words together in the morning.

So I watch something mindless-- hence, the Maury Show.

Anyone who is familiar with this show knows that it's most famous segments are DNA testing and "Who's the Daddy" controversies. Frankly, I find those rather boring. My favorite episodes involve out of control teen girls and their sexcapades. It makes me feel better when I look around my messy apartment and my swindling bank account to know that I really don't have it that bad.

But something has always interested me about these segments. There are never out of control teen boys. Now, certainly there are guys sleeping around, doing drugs, and beating people up. So where are they?

I suppose that it's the traditional player vs. slut mindset that keeps the girls in the harsh spotlight and the boys still on the streets. And that's sad, really. Sure, the baby-daddy episodes casts some light into the shadows, but it isn't proactive. There's already a baby and a teenage girl's childhood is over. The man may have to pay child support, but there's nothing to stop him running around, spreading the goods around.

In reality, these out of control boys participate in the same behaviors as the girls-- promiscuous sex, gangs, and general violence towards family and others. They will end up suffering the same consequences-- STDs, jail, and death. So why don't we have guys on the show?

Curiouser and curiouser.



  1. Oh....the double standard...

  2. chelsea talks smack: Curses!


  3. Woozle1:04 AM

    Ha. You could start your own show featuring crazed males. I'd watch.

  4. woozle: All I'll need is a producer!