Monday, January 07, 2008

Snail Mail Sunday (Done on a Monday... again) #3

Dear blog,

I know that after NaBloPoMo you thought our relationship was going to be different. You felt loved and warm while I was posting everyday and there were occasional comments to snuggle into. And I guess it was a rough awakening into to the cruel, cold world when I promptly resumed my old habits of maybe one post per week... on good weeks. It must have hurt.

I'm sorry for my absence, but you knew what this relationship was from the beginning. Sometimes I'm too busy/tired/lazy to post anything for days at a time, leaving you so alone. You're probably wondering if I have more than one blog, little topic-specific hoochies on the side. Well, I did, for a little. Honestly, they meant nothing to me. I haven't even posted in them since the semester ended. I only did it because people (ie. my class) expected me to have something of a trophy blog, something to present in social situations. I'm afraid that you just weren't up to par for that sort of thing.

The worst part for you is that I only seem to come back when I need comfort or to vent. I never buy you new things; I rarely update you sidebar widgets. But when I don't have anyone else to talk to, you're there. And I appreciate that. You don't hear about the good things, my triumphs, but you always listen and I guess that's what makes you such a good blog.

All I can ask is that you stick with me for a little while longer... at least until I get my life in order. I'll try my best to be the best poster you ever did see and to treat you with the respect you deserve. You know I love you, baby.

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Aww. :)
    Sometimes I feel like I am only using my blog to vent or complain so I try to include happy posts in order to make it smile.

  2. abzdragon: Blogs tend to take on human characteristics, don't they? I can just see mine glaring from my computer when I neglect to post.