Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crossing One Off

Back in 2007, I mentioned that I would be taking part in the BSF 2008 challenge in an attempt to, as my tai chi instructor tells it, "honor myself." In reality, I just need impetus to get shit done.

Here is the list again:

  • Actually attempt NaNoWriMo 2008, not just sign up for it and lose courage before writing a single word.
  • Learn enough Hebrew to puttering around in Israel this summer and be conversational by year's end.
  • Save money for a Scotland spring break. If I don't actually get to Scotland, then at least I have some money.
  • Graduate college.
  • Get a temporary job-- preferably with health insurance.
  • Send something to get published. Poem, short story, essay, anything.
  • Lose 10 pounds. Any more would be icing on the cake that I won't be allowing myself to have. :)
As you can see, I've crossed something off. Happily, I did in fact send two things in for submission. One of those is "To the Fruitflies in My Drain" to my university journal. Whether I get in or not isn't important-- I've already begun my Big Wall o' Rejection (Thanks, Image). The point is that I actually got off my butt and sent something. Nothing gets published if nobody sees it.

Wish me luck.


PS. Just a note: You should check out Rachel's blog over at that night. She's been nominated for a 2008 Bloggie Award! So go, read, and vote!


  1. Good job on completing something on your list!! I plan to post my list in February and cross off some things I have done so far!! Good luck getting published... I am sending some poems off to my university press as well. :)

  2. abzdragon: Thanks! It's actually kind of satisfying to be able to cross things off. And good luck with getting published yourself!


  3. These are great goals... and I'm all for starting a Wall O' Rejection. Or, rather, a Wall O' "Things I Tried."

  4. l sass: That would be a nicer name for it, wouldn't it? Thanks!