Thursday, February 14, 2008

Digital Pick Me Ups

As you other single people know, today was Valentine's Day, which means I basically stayed inside. The only VD (is it a coincidence that Valentine's Day and venereal disease start with the same letters? I think not.) input I got was from the ever-classy Jerry Springer Show, where they had an overweight transsexual dressed as a bikini-clad cupid. That's really all I needed.

But there was one thing that made it even better... one e-mail.

"Hey kate! I wanted to wish you a happy valentine's day. The fam misses you over here in little old york. Hope to see you again soon! Your bro, A."

I think my little brother's girlfriend is a good influence on him. I still haven't decided whether he absolutely needed to write both his first name and his last name in his e-mail. I've only known him 18 years, after all. But still, it was sweet.

I also received an e-mail from the NaBloPoMo people announcing that there will be monthly NaBloPoMos, just subject related. March is list month. I just might participate, if only for my love of lists.

Anyone else?


PS. Posts Until 200: 6


  1. Couldn't stay inside, because I had school. *sigh*. I did get an email from my alma mater wishing me a happy valentine's day and asking me for money to "help seal that special relationship.: I'm not kidding. Ah well. I am not bitter at all, by the way.

  2. I think the new NaBloPoMo idea is good, but I am kinda gonna miss it being just a once a year fun thing.

    Happy VD my love!

  3. Irina: Your alma mater has quite a bit of chutzpah to expect you to give them a VD gift. Frankly, I'm thinking of my school that other kind of VD. But first I have to contract one and find out how to give it to an entire institution. That could take years.

    abzdragon: I agree. And a happy VD to you too!