Monday, February 18, 2008

Smelling Scotland

A strange thing happened to me today.

I walked out of Main Hall and I smelled Scotland.

If it hadn't been for the push of people at my back, I probably would have followed my natural inclination and just stopped, closed my eyes, and breathe. But people have places to be, so I decided not to indulge, but walk towards Recitation Hall, sniffing.

It had rained earlier that morning. While was in class, the sun had come out briefly to warm the grass and allow the rainwater to just begin to vaporize. I think this is what I smelled: the intensely green, warm scent that only comes from a damp country with momentary peeks of sunlight.

I think if I had let a picture form in my mind to correspond with the smell, it would have been walking over the loch bridge at the University of Stirling, on my way to the bookstore, bus stop, or what have you. That view was like Scotland in my front yard-- lochs, hills, and green green green. Frankly, I'm disappointed that I didn't just stop. At the risk of sounding overly sensitive, I probably would have teared up a little. I guess I just miss my life there, even if it's far away from the people and sights that I need to survive emotionally.

For those that want to see what I see, go here. It's not exact, but you can get the idea.

I want to go home-- I'm just not sure what home I want to go to.



  1. What a beautiful description... I'd love to go there.

  2. l sass: Thank you. And I think it's one of those places that everyone should experience. It's just wonderful.