Thursday, April 06, 2006

Questionable Decisions

Sometimes I think that my university would be better off without an administration. The choices they're making these days blow my mind.

For example, the brass intends to raise our tuitions in order to erect a giant statue of a ram, our school's mascot, in front of a building called Old Library. Here's a picture:

One of the things that drew me to this campus was the quantity of old, antique buildings. There is nothing that suggests "academia" more to me than structures that housed the scholars of old. Besides the campus's gorgeous castle/auditorium, Old Library is possibly the most beautiful building on campus. Complete with pillars and greenish stone, the Old Library proclaims what college should be in the words emblazoned on its facade: "The True University is a Collection of Books."

So what is this tacky statue doing in front of this bastion of education? Your guess is as good as mine. If the administration simple had to spend our money, could this not go in front of, say, our football stadium? The ram as a mascot represents strength, not intellectual aptitude, making it a perfect athletics mascot. It has no place standing in front of an educational building.

This also makes me wonder if the administration realizes that a college is full of students. Such a statue is practically inviting drunk kids to vandalize it. I just hope that the president of the university isn't surprised to wake up in the morning and see condoms stretched over the ram's horns.

Speaking of making "improvements" without considering the ram(haha)ifications, consider the current desecration of the academic quad. Recently, the university ripped out all of the bushes in the area, leaving dirt piles in places where students usually sprawled during sunny days. Walking by the dirt piles today, I noticed that the grounds people were planting little purple flowers where the bushes used to stand. Don't get me wrong, they are very pretty and do beautify the area. However, I think the university failed to realize that the flowers are directly in the path of the same inebriated students mentioned above as they return from the off-campus bars. What makes the administration think that these dainty little plants can survive after several hundred drunks, uh, relieve themselves on them? Anyone who thinks that students won't do such a thing has never been to college.

I think the state really needs to include a sanity test on the applications for administrative positions.



  1. Actually, that ram doesn't look too bad. CU Boulder put up a statue of a buffalo that looks for all intents and purposes like it's in the middle of a spring molt. Disgusting. Your administration could have done worse.

  2. Heh heh, I just feel like a gigantic bronze ram can't help but being ugly. And it just gets more horrendous when I think that my tuition money is going towards it.

    Thanks for commenting!