Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?

Times seems to pass so quickly these days. Sometimes I glance out the window, then jerk to attention when I realize that I've been staring at something meaningless for hours. I don't know whether I can attribute this to my innate ability to get distracted for incredibly long periods, or if it's because time actually is going faster.

I've read of the phenomenon where those of advanced age comment that the years have become lightening fast. For them, decades seem to pass in a matter of days! However, is it possible that I truly have become "youth deficient" (the new PC term for "old as hell")?

Well, here's a list of things that make me feel old:

  • Teenagers having babies.
  • Mahal2000- because apparently joining the IDF at 22 makes one ancient.
  • "New" songs being played on the oldies station.
  • Finding out that kids I used to baby-sit for are graduating high school.
  • Thinking, "Wow, I am two decades old!"
  • Finding out that there are, like, 37 generations of Power Rangers.
  • Remembering the '90s.
  • Seeing shows that I used to watch as a kid on "classic" TV stations.
  • My little brother getting his driver's license.
  • The constant fatigue.
  • Realizing that I'm already excited for retirement.
  • Finding more gray hairs on my parents' heads.
  • Feeling nostalgic about everything.
  • Seeing the wedding announcements for friends that I knew in high school.
  • Getting together and grousing with my friends about the "disrespectful" freshmen.

Oh, and I know there are more. However, would I want to waste more of my precious time on it?



  1. How about seeing your favorite teenage record album in an antique store?

  2. Eeew, I haven't gotten there yet, but I bet that'll be a real blow when it happens. :)