Sunday, November 25, 2007

Idiot Food

Ever eat something that you know you'll regret, but you scarf it down with gusto anyway? Ever find yourself curled up in a ball after eating said food, moaning in pain but smiling because it tasted so damn good?

That, my friends, is what we call idiot food. In other words, it's delectable bits of whatever that turns the most sensible of us into drooling numbskulls.

My idiot food is hush puppies.

Yes, I know that I have an extremely delicate gut and that eating fried corn is never a good idea on my best of days. And, yes, I know that my stomach hasn't been up to snuff lately, so my food tolerance is way down.

But, oh G-d, hush puppies! Those little fried bits of glory! Those sweet morsels of beauty! Oh! Put a hush puppy in front of me and I'm a goner.

So excuse me while I curl up in bed, riding out the cramps, with lovely bits of hush puppy still caught on the edges of my smile.



  1. My idiot food is candy corn.

  2. I think my idiot food is actually a drink: Pepsi. I can only take a little sugary food or drink before I feel like I'll have a diabetic coma or something. I trick myself into it every time though

  3. I have IBS... all spicy food is idiot food for me but gaaawsh gimme some salsa and curry and buffalo wings... I may be sorry later, but I'm not sorry now!! :)

  4. Emma: I have a friend who eats candy corn like it's her job. It's like an obsession.

    gwyn: And there is so little effort involved in drinking. That's why there is never soda in my apartment for more than a few hours.

    abzdragon: Oooh, IBS, that sucks. But as long as it's good going down, then I'm definitely eating it.