Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rage is a Lack of Sleep

Just a note.

To the girls who live in the apartment below me: Seriously, what makes you think that slamming the doors and screeching at three o'clock in the morning is a good idea? It may not occur to you, living on the first floor as you do, that every time you fling the door backwards, it shakes everything above you, i.e. my apartment. And you know what happens when you shake the cage of a tired animal?

It. Gets. Pissed.

I have no doubt that you all are nice girls in principle, but I've called the cops on you before.

Don't think that I won't do it again.



  1. Yeah.. my downstairs neighbors probably think the same thing about my apartment except it's my roommate and her friends screeching and slamming doors. I am not a very happy camper about it either.

  2. gwyn: Ooh, man, if it was my roommate making the noise, there would be some major issues.

    I like my sleep.