Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So my internet went out yesterday and it was too cold and rainy to tramp over the library to use the wireless. Therefore, I guess I lose NaBloPoMo. It seems a little unfair that I have to wait a who other year until I can try again just because my internet provider decided to drop the ball, but I guess thems the breaks.

As it is, I'm very excited to be heading on vacation tomorrow. It's just the thing to cool my nerves. Apparently, this hotel has wireless, so I will try to continue posting as if I hadn't just failed at life. :)



  1. You didn't fail at life! I'm so ready to be done. I wish my connection would just fail at 11:45pm so I could take the holiday off. This is turning into work.

  2. Today I BARELY made it because I was dealing with student teaching and some real life drama and wasn't near a computer all day... so meh... 1 sentence. But I still don't think you failed at life <3 haha

  3. maybe there is an exception if your internet fails? if not, there should be :-)